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Best Car Cellphone Holder

While driving, you may need to make phone calls or use your phone’s navigation system to get turn-by-turn directions. You will find it difficult to do all these things on the road, and there is the issue of safety. A good car cellphone holder is a very important accessory that every car owner should have. …

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The Safest Cars on the Market

There are a number of things to prioritize when you’re car shopping, but few details are as important as safety. Sharp appearance and great gas mileage, after all, won’t save your life if you end up in a collision! To get the safest deal available, a great source to look at is the Insurance Institute …

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Car Insurance

A new car is a big investment and will set you back several thousand dollars in most cases. What’s key to remember though, is that the price of the car itself is only one of the things you need to consider. On top of this initial expense you see, you’ll also be required to shell …

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