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Dementia 13

Details:  Directed by  Francis Coppola   Produced by  Roget Corman  Written by  Francis Coppola  Released  September 25, 1963   Running time  80 minutes.   Budget  $42,000  Cast  William Campbell, Luana Anders, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchell   Break Down:  A husband and wife go out late one night for a ride in their rowboat. While they are on the water, the couple begins to argue. …

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Tales from the Crypt

Season 1: Episode 1  The 1980s brought so many excellent horror movies. When thinking back on the 80s horror genre, most will drift to the Jason’s and Freddy’s of the decade. While there is no issue with this, it is unfortunate that one of the excellent anthology series is often forgotten. I am, of course, …

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