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Gifts That Will Wow the Recipient

Unless you are socially inept, the wow-factor is what you’re looking for when you give your holiday gifts. That perfect present that makes the recipient pause and say, “Wow!” But with a cornucopia of choices—including a seemingly endless stream of online offers — you need to consider what your gift is saying about you when …

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Gifting Got Your Brain On Freeze Mode? We’ve Got The Remedy By Danielle Holland Ingram We all know the feeling: that special event is nearing — creeping closer and closer to your presence and with every day that goes by the anxiety over picking a remotely decent gift for your special individual in mind builds …

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Affordable Gifts for Colleagues

The relationships we have with our colleagues are quite unique and different from the relationships we have with anyone else. Often our colleagues are our friends, though that doesn’t mean we’d necessarily consider them as such, or invite them over to play board games. Colleagues are friends at work and they’re people that we occasionally go for …

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