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Things to Consider When Choosing a Career

The career path we choose to follow will have a massive influence on our lives. It will determine what we would spend the rest of our lives doing. Our income and the amount of time we would have for other aspects of our lives would influence it. For these reasons, you want to be sure of making the right decision.  

To make this decision easier for you, I have highlighted the top 6 things to consider.  

1. Enthusiasm 

The first and most crucial factor to consider when choosing a career is your enthusiasm. This factor plays a significant role in being happy in your career. What inspires you the most? What interests you in terms of the work environment? You can answer these questions by thinking about the things that give you joy. 

Why is this factor necessary? The activities you enjoy doing in your leisure time can give you insights into careers you would want.  

* Do you enjoy working with numbers? 

* Are you an extreme extrovert who enjoys meeting new people often? 

* Do you get satisfaction from caring for sick people?  

 Similar questions to the above can help you figure out your interest.   

2. Skill 

Everyone possesses skills, and you do too. Consider your soft and hard skills; they are one of the points to consider when choosing a career path.  

Hard skills are measurable and teachable abilities. Examples of hard skills are reading, the ability to use computer programs, or writing. Soft skills, on the other hand, are traits that make you a good teammate or employee. Some examples of soft skills are; the ability to communicate effectively, listening, time management, and getting along with people.  

Put these skills in mind when choosing a career. If one of your soft skills is to relate very well with people, you should consider following a career path to meet people.  

3. Research 

After noting your passion and skills (soft and hard skills), you want to go further by researching.  

There are two most important kinds of research to carry out. They are; speaking to as many people in your chosen field as you can. You achieve this by booking informational interviews and paying attention to their responses. You want to know about the income, and all there is. Ask a few right questions and listen carefully.  

The second research is by experience. You want to have some background on the career path that you intend to follow. One great way to gain experience is by volunteering for a related nonprofit organization. You can also gain knowledge by becoming an intern in a related career.  

After getting experience, pause and reflect on what you’ve learned. If the coast looks clear, you might want to commence your new career.  

4. Social Environment 

It is crucial to put your social environment into consideration. If you are self-motivated, you might need a high-labor career or of such nature. If you are a person who requires plenty of external stimulation, a career that would provide might be for you.  

Choose a career that satisfies your social needs.  

5. Consider its marketability 

Next, you want to make sure that you are focusing on a viable and realistic career. I recommend that you consider choosing a marketable career. You don’t want to spend valuable time building one that will not be marketable. Focus on careers with high opportunities. Do not choose one that is likely to be replaced by machines due to the advancement in technology.   

You don’t want to spend years building a career that will not be marketable.  

6. The Income 

While the pay shouldn’t be the first factor, this is crucial to consider. It should be one of the many factors to consider.  Build a career that would generate sufficient income to take care of your needs and enable you to save and invest.  

You should also consider the amount of money you will spend on acquiring a degree. Some cost more than others and require a longer time to pay off student loans. You don’t want to spend a fortune on tuition and other expenses while building a career and then cash thin pay-cheques at the end of the day. While carrying out researches, I recommend that you ask the right questions about the pay. 


Choosing a career path can be very challenging. There are excellent careers out there to choose from, but finding the one that suits you is hard. The points listed above are some best things to put in mind. I believe you are now fit to make the right career choice. 

Written exclusively for our company by Sherise

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